The KYC/AML Search Engine


The digitalUs technology developed at the SnT Research Center of the University of Luxembourg provides a solution to automate, and significantly speed-up the background screening process of individuals. It relies on a novel methodology to match the same entity across multiple publicly data sources.


Our AI-based entity resolution technology connects billions of data points across public data sources to create a Unified Digital Profile of a single individual or legal entity without ambiguity.

GDPR by design, digitalUs can launch searches upon request and no data is stored locally. The solution is powered by unique technology, tested during the research phase, that taps into the wealth of data, publicly available, including watch lists, business registers, social media and much more, to produce a unified digital footprint.


The digitalUs platform automates the KYC/AML search process across multiple public data sources in real-time to provide a better user experience.




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